Fellow Rotarians:

Happy New Year Here is wishing you and your family a happy,healthy and prosperous 2012. As we look into this next year two things come to mind. The first is how blessed we are to live in this country where we have food,water, medical care, education and security as well as the opportunity to have a good life with our families. The second is how many people in this world that don't have even the basic necessities. Although we can't help everyone our club has some projects coming up to significantly change the lives of a few. Our club although small in numbers is large in heart. We have been able to leverage our money and efforts to do big things . In the next months we will be visiting the learning centre to see how we can change the lives of young people who for some reason or other are having a tough go. we will be going to Cancun to deliver wheel chairs and help the local Rotary club with funds and support to improve the lives of people living in remote villages. Finally our club is executing the second year of an innovative and unique fund raising project called the Pooch Parade. This is a great opportunity to improve our profile as a club,involve multiple community groups and raise money to support worthwhile local projects. We have quite an exciting new year ahead. 

I would like to greet new members to our club and and to welcome them on our journey. we have a lot of work to do and the more people we have helping the more we can get done. if you have friends and family who are of like mind  please invite them to share in our vision and to participate in our club. As a start invite them to a meeting so they get a feel for our direction.

All the best

President Dave