All members proposing a new member to the club must use the new membership proposal form available for download from the club's website. If you have any questions contact membership chair Linda Coyle. The club's goal is to have 25 members. A new member will be inducted at Uli's on Aug 28. Let's induct a new member every month!enam100

Share your passion for Rotary with your family, friends, and community during Membership and Extension Month in August. This year you’re invited to take part in two activities designed to help you remember why you joined Rotary, what keeps you coming back, and why others should join.

First, take the Rotary Membership Challenge. Commit to sponsor a new member, tell a friend or colleague about your club’s projects, or volunteer as a mentor to prospective or new members. After you complete the form we’ll email you links to resources to help you meet the challenge!